Casino Guide 2023

There’s a lot more to an online casino game than its look and feel, or which characters it includes. While those things are important to you, there’s a host of other key information that can shape the way you play, the hours you can put into a game and – most importantly – how you can get on with winning. Any game that makes our casino games list has been exhaustively tested by our team of casino experts. And because they are all players they know what really matters. If a game is on our list, you can rest assured it offers you the very best online casino action.

The simple answer? Everything. Naturally, we tell you a little about the game’s theme and the kind of characters it features – for some of you that’s really important. But we also give you more info about that overall look and feel considering things like soundtrack, graphics or visual elements, how smoothly the game runs and how the various elements interact on the reels. They may seem like little things but they’re what get you hooked to start with.

You’ll also find detailed information about the gameplay telling you things like maximum or minimum bets, how many ways you can win, paylines and other crucial elements that will help you maximise your chances for winnings. Lastly, we have a dedicated bonuses section. As an online casino fan you’ll know that games vary vastly in terms of what extras they offer: free spins, bonus games, random prizes and so on. Some players have preferences, others don’t. Whichever player you are you’ll find all you need to know here. Helpfully, if you don’t have time to read our full game review we’ve collated all the key points into an easy to digest table where you’ll also find our suggested casino at which you can play the game.


There is a difference of opinions as to who came up with the first slot machine. Some believe that Charles Fey was the original inventor, with his Liberty Bell machine dating back to 1887. Others believe that two men, Pitt and Sittman, were the first to the market in 1891, and Fey only came later, in 1895.

Fey’s machine was much more similar to the slot machines we see at today’s casino, especially in the classic slots group. The other one featured 50 playing cards on five drums (reels), with each drum containing 10 cards.Both machines had the same working mechanism, requiring players to pull a lever to initiate a spin. This is why original slots were quickly named ‘one armed bandits,’ the name that stuck to this day, even though levers are hardly found with any of the modern-day slots.

What made the Liberty Bell machine more popular with the players was the fact there were fewer combinations and it was easier to keep track of what was going on. Additionally, Fey developed a system of automatic coin payments, which apparently made all the difference in the world for the first slots players. Seeing how popular slots are with the players, many companies got involved, looking to develop on the original system. Liberty Bell was fun, but it was pretty basic, and there was a lot of room for the improvement.

In 1963, Bally Manufacturing (a company that still operates today) launched Money Honey, the first completely electronic slot machine. This game was the predecessor of video slots we all know and love today. Video slots dispensed with the physical reels completely, using the computer software instead. These games easily found their way online when the first internet casinos started to become popular during the early 1990s.

Progressive Slots

If you’ve ever played regular casino slots, progressive slots are exactly the same in terms of rules. Before you start, you’ll choose the amount you wish to wager per line, the number of lines (although progressives often come with a fixed number of lines), and you’ll be good to go. Whether you press the spin button every time or you play in the auto-play mode, it doesn’t matter.

On each spin, the slot will randomly generate the combinations of symbols which may or may not create winning paylines. All wins are paid according to the paytable.

The main difference between progressive and traditional slots is the jackpot element. Every slot is different in the way how it awards the jackpot, and you should probably get familiar with these rules – if nothing else, it will help you have better time while playing.

Sometimes, you’ll need a special combination of symbols or a certain number of scatters to land to trigger the jackpot games. Sometimes, the slot will simply go crazy on you and award you the progressive jackpot without any hint beforehand.

Everything you need to know about playing progressive slots you’ll learn in a couple of minutes, as they usually feature an intuitive design to help you find your way around. Always check out the payout table to know what’s what, place your bet, spin away, and keep your fingers crossed.