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Live casino has a history that goes back as far as 2008 . It was then that the first digital roulette table with a real dealer showed up at the online casino. Since then, the development has been rapid and the live dealer casino is now a central part of the range of online casino casinos. The form of the game is obviously not as popular as slots, but the usual old static table games have definitely been out by this newcomer.

What is live casino?

Live Casino is a table game that is streamed live over the internet . The players take their seats at the gaming tables and a croupier or dealer handles everything about card handing, spinning on the roulette wheel, and more. Usually, the image is streamed from a camera that shows both the table, the dealer and the background. Often it is also possible to change the camera angle. To chat with the dealer is always possible and sometimes players can also chat with each other.

The options for bets and more that you have to choose from are shown below the streaming image (for example, roulette) and / or digitally on the gaming table (for example, blackjack).

Good to know is that you do not have the opportunity to try out live casino games with pretend money. However, if you are logged into a site, you can always open a game and watch the stream to familiarize yourself with how everything works.

The games you can choose from

The two most popular table games at both online casino and land-based casino are roulette and blackjack . It follows that these two games are also the focus of the live casino. Live roulette and live blackjack are featured on all online casinos that offer the game form and you can often play them in different variants . For roulette, for example, there are both European and American roulette as well as gaming tables with automatic games.

However, there are significantly more table games than blackjack and roulette. In principle, all table games can work well with live casinos. It’s just that there is a demand.

Today, the game types can be divided into three categories. First, we have the ” classics “, ie roulette, blackjack and baccarat. Secondly, we have the poker games including Casino Hold’em, Caribbean Stud and Three Card Poker. The third category is various forms of wheel play . The best known is Evolution Gaming’s Dream Catcher / Money Wheel.

Where can you play live?

The answer to the question in the title should perhaps be “where can you not play live? Today, it is much more common for a site to have a live betting section than not to have one !

If you are looking for a more engaging and authentic gaming experience, you can basically choose any Swedish online casino. See the top list here on the site to find a number of options .

You rarely have to look long to find the live games. Usually they are presented in a separate department . You then choose your favorite among the games and one click later you can be at the gaming tables. However, there are of course differences between different sites when it comes to the range of games available. In many ways, the differences depend on which or which providers the sites work with, but you can always find at least blackjack and roulette.

Live casino on mobile

Playing casino in mobile is very popular. Already a couple of years ago, it was estimated that almost half of gaming casinos on online casinos were played on mobile devices. It is very convenient and easy to play on tablets and smartphones, but there is one drawback – the screen is considerably smaller than a computer screen.

However, the disadvantage has not prevented all suppliers of live dealer casino from offering their titles in mobile-adapted versions. You can play live roulette, live blackjack and most other game types on both iOS and Android. Needless to say, the gaming experience will probably be better if you play on a tablet, but technically you can play live even on an iPhone or an Android phone.

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