Mobile Casino Gaming 2023

t feels as if each time I open up my computer there is another new online casino tempting me through their virtual doors with generous welcome bonuses or packages. Competition is fierce and it is the player that benefits with some exceptional offers if they shop round.

One of my favourite games to play is roulette. The spin of the wheel and the balls jumping about, slowing and then stopping in (hopefully) a winning pocket appeals to me. Maybe it is the amount of movies I have watched with casino scenes in them, but roulette to me is synonymous with class, well dressed men and beautiful women.

Mobile Casino Guide

Of course not everyone can get to a bricks and mortar venue and that perception I have in my own mind is just own perception…yet I still enjoy playing roulette online and I am pulled towards the game each time I log on.

What I would say is if you are considering playing online roulette look for a site that has a diverse selection of games to enjoy. This means that you want to see all of the most popular roulette games like European, French and American games plus some fast games perhaps 50 and 30 ball roulette games on offer plus some multi wheel games for added excitement.

Another tip for new players would to find a site where you can play a free roulette game as no deposit games mean that you can learn the rules without having to spend any of your own cash. This is really handy because you can also try games that may not have appealed to you for free, and nothing is nicer than something for nothing.

Remember too that once you have become familiar with the site then you will be able to join in the progressive games that are on offer. Games like this take a little of each bet to put into the progressive prize pool, so you are playing for that as well as being able to play for the regular prize pot. You have to bet the max in order to be in with a chance at a progressive prize but putting a little to one side in order to take part is well worth it.

Live games are also incredibly exciting as they bring all the action of a real bricks and mortar casino straight to your living room. The online casino will use a secure stream in order to send the pictures via your webcam of the table and wheel in real time and with a real dealer/croupier spinning the wheel. You might have to wait a little for a seat, but just like the progressive games, live roulette is well worth the wait.

One other thing that pleases me is that roulette has made the transition over to the smaller screen really well. Thought has been put into the game for mobile devices as all the action takes place when the wheel is spun, yet you need to make your bets first. The designers have made a lot of roulette games in two stages. First you place your bet and the screen jumps to the wheel where it is spun and quite often you get a bird’s eye view of the wheel as it slows.

This mean that I am never far from my favourite game, the only issue is I will probably be accused very soon of phubbing!

Blackberry and Windows

If you are one of those people still using a non-Android Blackberry you are not going to find any apps at all and if you have a Windows phone of any operating system version, then it doesn’t seem that anyone of the online casino operators have thought it worth while to create apps for this type of phone. It also looks that new Windows phone are not being made. There are however some free casino type apps available for Windows phones.

So currently you can get genuine real money mobile casinos with all the regular games only on an iPhone or an Android device.

iPhone (near 20% market share)
If you have an iPhone and you like to gamble then you’ve probably already been into the App Store on your phone and found one of the regular operators for which you have an account already. Simple as that and why shouldn’t it be. You’ll only need sufficient space in the memory for another app and an internet connection to download, install, sign in and make real money bets. Remember that when on the move you will not always have an internetn connection.

Warning : Apple allows real money gambling (RMG) apps to enter its App Store in certain markets only, including the UK. You’ll have to check for your country if different.

Android (near 80% market share)
This is where it gets tricky. From the outset of Google’s Play Store (known as Android Market until 2012) real money gambling (RMG) apps have been refused entry to the store since it opened its doors in 2008. Its not understandable as a policy but it is inkeeping with other Google policies like barring Google Ads from gambling orientated websites and opposite to Google allowing the same type of site, gambling, to pay them for Google Ads.

The other confusing thing is that there are apps you can download for free in the Play Store like, casino, slots or poker, that you can make in-app purchases to buy play chips. So you can in-effect lose real money playing with apps downloaded from Google’s store.