How to play at online casinos

Here are some practical tips to make a conscious decision about an online casino. First and foremost it is important to know where the operator is based. If this within the European Union, the security light turns at least from red to amber. Even more crucial: A valid license. The question that arises: Does it have to be a German license? It would be ideal but only a very limited number of licenses are available to be awarded to operators. This means: Some reputable online casinos have not yet been able to get the German approval stamp. However, an absolute requirement is an EU license.

The next step is to take a look at the payment methods. An encrypted server connection can be recognized by the HTTPS infront of the casino domain which you see in the address bar. The alternative: secure payment systems such as PayPal, Skrill and Ukash. A trustworthy gambling operator should take means for player protection. If these are not articulated well, it helps to have a look at the terms and conditions. Of course, you should read them carefully before you tick the checkbox. If they are complicated and hard to understand: Stay away from the operator! Features such as deposit, betting and loss limits, but also the possibility to block yourself for a certain time period, speak for player safety and in favour of a good online casino. One last tip: You can always come to doubt and question the software, technology and money related matters. That is why it is important to maintain control and get in touch with the support beforehand to not run into any problems later. It is also advised to have direct support access, may it be via phone, live chat or email.

Gambling on the net and traditional landbased casinos – a comparison:

A reputable online casino has been found but a question that still arises is: Why play casino games online when you can go to a “real” casino? The answer is quite obvious: Not everyone lives close to a landbased casino and adventurers can save themselves long journeys. A casino visit becomes a whole event on its own and by going online you can simply play on your smartphone during your lunch break or on your tablet while watching a movie. Of course, some enjoy the special atmosphere and the elegant casino ambience. However, other players are scared or find it a hassle to adhere to the strict dress code from many casinos and not everyone wants to wear a suit an tie – let alone owning one. Another aspect is that you don’t have to worry about walking around with the cash that you have just won and somebody potentially robbing you.

Additionally, many casinos require an entrance fee before you can even place your first chips at the tables. Not to forget, the minimum bets are generally higher as well – at Roulette it might be between 1 to 20 Euros and at Blackjack around 5 to 20 Euros. If you simply just want to get a taste of the game first, it is wise to start online with much lower minimum bets. Many internet operators also provide free play versions.

What is clear now is the fact that reputable licensed internet casinos are subject to stricter rules and regulations than traditional gambling halls. Among other things, they are obliged to identify potential gambling addicts and protect them. Another incentive for gambling enthusiasts: It’s not just about the net profit. While the number of games are limited at a landbased casino, the selection of casino games online is much, much larger.

Lastly, don’t forget about strategy and knowledge as it is not only about luck. As they say for Poker: Practice makes perfect. No wonder why gambling researchers are already investigating Poker as to whether it is a game of luck or skill. According to the official definition of “gambling”, a game shall only be deemed as gambling if money is played and the outcome of winning is fully or mainly based on chance. A team of experts at the University of Hamburg concluded in their study on Poker that the factor of skill outweighs luck and chance.