Online Scratch Cards

By around 2010, scratch cards made their first appearance in online casinos. Online versions of the game used latest Java and Macromedia Flash technology to simulate the gameplay and mechanics of real life scratching cards. This meant you could buy and bet on your scratch card at different online casinos. Using your mouse device, you can ‘scratch’ the surface of the card and reveal the potential prize hiding below.

Today, instant lottery game of scratching cards can be played at various convenience stores, kiosks, brick and mortar casinos in major cities and towns around the world but also in online casinos. Due to their low cost and opportunity to win instantly, scratching cards have been one of the most popular gambling games for many decades. The popularity of scratch cards lottery has been increasing since the introduction of online scratch cards available at major online casinos.

Shortcut to Hitting the Jackpot

Playing online scratch cards may be your shortcut to hitting the jackpot. If you are in some luck, you could win huge prizes while sitting at home with your laptop or phone. Rules for playing online scratch cards are simple, just as easy as real life scratch cards. Enjoying great popularity, major online casinos offer online scratch cards to attract players from all walks of life.

Rules are simple and simple to understand. One of the things that confuse people while playing online is when they fail to understand the how scratching a card really works. Virtually, you get to do everything you want. To begin, you just have to sign into your casino account and go to scratch cards page. Based on your interests and preferences choose one of the online scratch cards, to begin with.

What’s Hiding Beneath?

After purchasing a card, you should click on the coin selector to pick a size of a coin with which you want to play. Simply by decreasing or increasing the coin value, you can choose how much you want to spend. The part of a card you have to scratch is marked for players to spot them instantly. The information hiding beneath the covered surface will let you know whether you hit the jackpot or not.

In order to choose a new scratching card, you should click on ‘New Card’. This will bring a new card to your computer screen. There are two simple ways of revealing your prize that major online casinos are offering. If you are more into an old-fashioned way, you can use your mouse device as a virtual coin. More exciting ‘scratch’ reveal process uses computer cursor to scratch away the marked surface. The other method which is faster is to just click on the ‘Show Card’ button that will instantly show you the final result.

If you get three or more matching symbols, you win. Any winnings will be added to your players account automatically. The amount of money won is calculated by the size of your bet including the value of symbols you have scratched off. One of the best advantages of playing this game online is that you can win some fantastic prizes instantly which are beyond the ordinary winning amount.