Mobile Casino 2023

One of the most prominent advantages of playing at an online casino is the availability. As long as you have a monitor connected to the internet (and you have registered a gaming account at an online casino), you can play whenever you want, wherever you want.

This of course also applies to mobile phones. As long as your phone supports Flash and HTML5 (most smartphones do), you have access to online casinos right where you are – whether you’re using Android, iPhone or other software. The online casinos are totally dependent on making themselves available to all their users. For those who are not, it quickly succumbs to competitors.

Casino on mobile app vs. Casino in browser

The apps are optimized for small screens

The most obvious difference between a browser and an app is that they are adapted to different screen sizes. A web browser-only website will and should work best on larger screens (such as a laptop or desktop PC).

The same web page (if it does not automatically adapt to the mobile screen), quickly becomes very clear and not easy to use on a small screen. Even the web pages that automatically adapt to the screen size can be poorly experienced on mobile, there are many examples of this.

If you have already registered with an online casino, you will most likely be able to log in in the normal way and play on your mobile – even without an app. But does it work just as well?

A downloaded app is optimized for smaller screens and, in 99% of cases, will be perceived as better and more user-friendly than the browser version. For example, an app will often respond faster and navigation and features will be better adapted to touch screens (in web browser, scrolling and swiping is not taken into account).

In most cases, the apps are completely free to download, so all you have to lose is storage space. That being said, the storage space is not big.

Own mobile bonuses

Another, less prominent advantage of mobile apps, but which is well worth knowing about for casino players, is this:

Some online casinos offer their own mobile bonuses to their mobile users. These are bonuses that are not accessed through the browser and which require login through the casino app in order to be received.

Game selection at mobile casino

In some online casinos , the game selection is just as mobile as in a web browser, so you will find exactly the same games in both places. But this is not a general rule: For some players the gaming selection in the mobile version is somewhat more limited than in the browser.

This is because the game developers have had to develop and launch old games in new, mobile-friendly versions. It was up to the game developer to do it himself, not the online casino. Since the casinos operate with different game developers, the number of mobile games may vary from player to player.

With that said, the game developers are working on both developing new games (which can be played on both PC and mobile) and relaunching the good old classics for mobile. So no matter which online casino you use, you will, over time, see more and more gaming options, both for small and large screens. In addition, it is good to know that all games developed today are also made for mobile. Thus, only older games may be limited to PCs.

Also when it comes to demo games (a separate variant of the games where you can test / play with play money) you will usually have the same access on mobile as in browser.

Mobile users get more bonuses

As mentioned earlier, one of the benefits of playing at the mobile casino is that you get access to exclusive mobile bonuses (mobile users only). What kind of casino bonuses are up to the casino to decide, but often there are talk of free spins , cashbacks, bonus money, deposit bonuses and free bets.

Again: It doesn’t matter what type of device you use. Whether you use iPhone, Android, Windows or another operating system, you will have access to play.

Although mobile bonuses are exclusive offers for mobile / app users, the same exclusivity does not apply to browser users. In other words: Even if you use your mobile phone to play, you still have access to the same bonuses that you have in your browser.

Security and payment at mobile casino

With your mobile, you have access to exactly the same payment solutions that you have with your browser, so you can continue to use the method you used previously (payments and withdrawals are done in exactly the same way).

Your gaming account is also the same; you always have an overview of how much bonus money and how much non-turnover money you have available (and the balance is equal in both places). There are no time constraints related to transactions on mobile, but the payment methods can have different processing times.

In terms of security, there is also no difference compared to the browser. The casinos use the same modern encryption technology as over the browser, which they have committed to through their gaming license. Some online casinos offer mobile payment, such as SIRU Mobile Payment . However, for Norwegian players, this is not an option, due to the strict Norwegian regulations related to online gambling.

Safety is also in place when it comes to fair play. Online casinos make use of something called ‘ Random Number Generator ‘ (RNG), or ” random number generator ” in Norwegian. The generator ensures that cards, symbols and wheels land randomly every time. In other words, the generator ensures that the games are not rigged. This is used both in browser and on mobile.