New Online Casino 2022

New casinos are interesting for many reasons and the development of recent years has led to us having a large number of casinos to choose from. A registration at a new casino often means that you get to take advantage of a new bonus, and it also opens up new gaming experiences. Over the years, new European casinos have made the design more modern, driven the production of new and innovative games and made room for more and larger bonus offers.

Will there be more new casinos?

The Europe gaming law changed the market a lot and in 2019 we have not seen new casinos appear at all as often as we did before. This of course leads us to ask the question what we can expect from new casinos 2020. We have done a large survey which you can take part of below.

Isn’t the market for new casinos soon saturated? How can it be possible for a new casino to survive and become profitable, when there are already hundreds of similar gaming sites? One explanation is that the interest in online gambling is constantly increasing in popularity and many people like to play on more than one casino site. Swedish casinos clearly feel a little safer and a little better when it comes to new sites. Here you can really trust that the casino is serious even if it is brand new.

New casino = New benefits for you

Is it the case that it is only the pleasure of the news to audition for a new Swedish gaming site? Do they just lure you in as a new player through bonuses? The competition means that the strategy does not work, it is not possible to only offer a nice appearance and spins. The competition is good for new casino sites, it is important that you stand out and have a well-functioning platform that works all the way. For you, this means that you can expect a really good casino product of high quality. Technically, there is a lot of new on the casino front, which means that you as a customer avoid a lot of the old processes. Smart deposits, fast-paced casino games and fast withdrawals.

  1. New casinos take responsibility for their players –  Taking responsibility and reliability are two words that are important now that the gaming license in Sweden is a fact. The gaming companies and all new Swedish casinos are required by law to take greater responsibility and really protect you who play online. This shows up in a number of different ways, especially when it comes to gaming budget.
  2. Innovative solutions –  Technology is a very important tool for new casinos. It is necessary to stand out a little extra by being able to offer a modern gaming platform with new technology. Casino without an account is one of these techniques. The player makes a simplified registration which results in fast play and withdrawals without delay. An important and smart concept for new Swedish casinos.
  3. New promotions and bonus offers – It is an obvious consequence that new casino launches also give you an opportunity to take advantage of a welcome offer. Today there are not so many free offers anymore. Instead, the welcome bonus has become more transparent and it is easier to understand the rules. You know that if there is a bonus, you can always activate it on your first deposit.
  4. Many new casinos are investing in a wider range of games –  It is a must that there is great variety in the gaming lobby with slots from many different game manufacturers. Casino games are entertainment online and with a nice varied range of games, the chances are greater that you will want to come back after the first visit. The pressure on gaming providers is increasing and it is important for them to keep up with developments and constantly create new innovative video slots and slot machines.

New casinos with bonuses

For new casinos, it is especially important to offer a good bonus, to get new players to discover the casino. They only have the opportunity to offer a bonus at the first game and the deposit. The sites that choose to offer a welcome bonus always do so on that deposit.

What the bonus then looks like is something that is entirely up to the casino. It is common that you can take advantage of a match bonus on the first deposit, up to a certain amount. There are also free spins and combination bonuses where you can get a little of each. The rules vary depending on which new casino you register at. Common to all new sites is that the rules should be easy to find, right next to the campaign and that they should be easy to understand.

Bonuses are usually also sold at new casinos, but there are some new sites that offer low or bonus with no wagering requirements. Further down our page you can read more about bonuses. Our experts have commented on what they think will happen with the bonus issue 2020, do not miss this exciting information.